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Rayman Ultimate ::
RaymanRayman UltimateRayman
Introduction ::
Chaos has fallen upon Rayman's world. Mister Dark wants to become its ruler, and to reach his goal, he has kidnapped and imprisoned all the Toons called Electoons, these tiny elements are essential to the light and life of the universe. Rayman is the Universe's last hope; he's the only one who can go and free the Electoons, and get to Mister Dark's lair and defeat him.
The Game ::
Rayman Ultimate preserves all 6 worlds of the original Rayman with over 60 levels, though some levels are there merely for you to get used to a new power or a new move.
The Worlds:
Jungle - Music - Mountains
Picture - Cave - Candy World
Throughout this distinct environment, you will fight annoying enemies, collect crystals, free your friends, fly on a mosquito’s back, plant seeds and grow plants, gain special powers, and more. You can unlock future worlds by completing enough levels, only to meet Mr. Dark by freeing all your Toon friends from their cages.
You can unlock future worlds by completing enough levels, only to meet Mr. Dark by freeing all your Toon friends from their cages.

There are bonus levels, which can be accessed by bribing the magician.
Hints and Tips ::
You’ll be rewarded if you pay attention. When you see the grapes, look for water to put the grape in and float to get special items. When you see clouds, jump on and see where they lead you, and so on.
Every time you hear a special sound, always look for things that have newly appeared. There are many triggered events that you won’t see the first time. Go back to early levels after you’ve gained some useful powers and get the items you couldn’t reach before.
More ...
Magic Punch with his fist
Helicopter: can fly with his hair
Grabbing power : Rayman can hang on to the Flying Rings, which will always help Rayman on his way. A simple punch to these Rings enables Rayman to hang on to them, and then cross very dangerous areas.
Surf on the Plums, which are one of Rayman's major friends. Rayman can climb on Plums, surf on water on their back, or ride them in the air.
The trumpets live in the Airy Tunes world. When Rayman climbs on them, everything becomes possible, even avoiding the worst obstacles
Clouds, Bongos and Blowing Fuffies belong to Rayman's friends as well. Rayman will only have to use his imagination to get their help.
The game takes 8.3 MB and supports ARM and MIPS.
You can purchase Rayman Ultimate from Gameloft, Handango or Pocketgear Website
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